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GKM Lean Institute

As one of the main pillar of GKM Group, GKM Lean Institute was founded in 2015 with three fundamental activities: (i) Consulting; (ii) Training and (iii) Research. GKM Lean Institute has successfully consulted and trained more than 200 enterprises / organizations to cut wastes, increase their productivity and competitiveness for sustainable development. Our clients are Truong Hai Auto Group, MK Smart Company, Legroup Company, Tan Phat Equipment Company, Hai Phong Company, Julie Sandlau Company, TID Company, Manutronics Company, South Australia Company…etc. Besides, GKM Lean Institute has confirmed our lean school “Lean made in Vietnam” in some countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Austria, Poland … by publishing or presenting our research result and articles.

Internally, GKM Lean Institute plays an important role in proposing lean for our other GKM brands such as GKM Education, GKM Service, GKM Manufacturing. GKM Lean would like to lead GKM group in the matter of management philosophy, management system to transfer Lean made Vietnam broadly and profoundly in to the society.

GKM Lean Institute endeavors to make the life better, to constantly increase added valued for individuals, enterprises/organizations, and the whole society by implementing Made in Vietnam Lean Management.

Being with our action moto “Good TAM THE, Determination, and Continuous Improvement”, we are longing to support families, enterprises/organization to implement successfully Made in Vietnam Lean Management. We are trying for a better life, and for a bright future in Vietnam.

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