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Advisory Board of GKM

     Associate Professor Nguyen Dang Minh

For 8 years working at Toyota Japan as associate project manager, Dr. Nguyen Dang Minh has completed 6 Toyota implementation projects regarding management system, production system from Toyota to North America, Chau Europe, China. He also taught Lean Management, Problem Solving, Project Management, and Corporate Management for his fellows from many countries in the Toyota family.

Over the past 14 years, Dr. Nguyen Dang Minh has published many scientific papers on effective management methods. Meanwhile, he has been a key note speech for many international scientific management conferences held in the US, Europe, Japan and China.

Currently, Dr Minh is working for the University of Economics – VNU Hanoi, his research interests are the effective application of worldwide management models for Vietnam (Lean Management, Problem solving, “Tam the” Management…). At the same time, he has been successfully implementing some consulting projects to improve and optimize business result of Vietnamese enterprise.


Mr. Kenzo Shimizu is the chairman of Future Limited, a general manager of OTO, based in Tokyo, Japan. Mr. Shimizu has more than 35 years in management consulting. He is a top management consultant in Japan. His expertise is setting up an internal management training system for mid-level management to corporate executives. He also advises for education and training system to maximize the company’s production capacity and ability to improve continuously.

Mr. Shimizu’s customers are leading Japanese corporations spanning many fields such as: Inax, Pioneer, Hitachi, Fuji, Mitsubishi, Itek, Meiji, Ricoh, Kirin, Toyama, Nishii, Japan Otis …

     Professor Kenichi OHNO

Prof. Kenichi Ohno is a professor at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) in Tokyo and leads the Vietnam Development Forum (VDF) in Hanoi. He holds his Ph. D from Stanford University. His specialties are development economics, Industrial policy, Exchange rate management, financial integration; industrial strategy formulation, development policy regimes in East Asia.

     Professor Soemon TAKAKUWA

Former dean of Business Administration School, Nagoya University.

He is currently a Visiting Lecturer at Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan

He is a leading expert on the simulation application in Manufacturing Management

Awards won:

  • DAAAM International Jubilee Gold Medal (DAAAM International, 11/2011)
  • DAAAM International 2006 Medal (DAAAM International, 10/2006)
  • “Modeling and Simulation 1992” Best Paper Award (The Society for Computer Simulation International (EU), 06/1992)

      Professor Masaharu OTA

He is a professor at the Business School, Osaka City University

Main research areas:

  • Computerization of the operational process
  • Supply chain
  • Manufacturing strategy
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